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SAFE CHECK-IN: Booking Status Messages

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In order to make the registration process with the SAFE CHECK-IN app even clearer and more time-saving for all location employees, Cargoclix has developed a new function that can be used to display the SAFE CHECK-IN status in the time slot booking. This allows the employee to call up the current status directly in the […]

Print Booking Confirmation – New Setting for Admins

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From now on, admins can determine themselves at which locations, for which ramps and for which Cargoclix user roles booking confirmations can be displayed and printed. The corresponding settings can be made in the admin area (My Cargoclix -> time slot) on the CargoMarket level in the tab “Report Editor”. By clicking on the link […]

Archiving a CargoMarket

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Cargoclix has introduced the possibility for every user to archive a CargoMarket for himself. When archiving, the user hides the desired CargoMarket from his operative area, without losing his own authorizations and activations on this CargoMarket. With this option, both booking companies and site operators can manage their own access to the Schedule. CargoMarkets that […]

New blocking Function for CargoMarket Users

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All site operators with Admin roles can now block the access of individual users to their own CargoMarket. The consequence for the user is that he can no longer see the CargoMarket or make bookings there. Each blocked user will automatically receive an email informing him/her that he/she has been blocked. A blocked user can […]

SLOT now also Available in Spanish

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New language for SLOT users: The user interface of the time slot management system of Cargoclix is now also available in Spanish. Spain is considered an important hub for the transport of goods and an up-and-coming international logistics location. In order to simplify the logistical everyday life for users of the cloud-based software from the […]

Cargoclix Makes Data Protection Settings Personalizable

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In accordance with the EU regulation on data protection, Cargoclix has further developed its system and now offers every Cargomarket owner the possibility to determine the retention period of the information contained in each booking data field in their own Cargomarket. In contrast to the already existing data protection settings, where only one generally valid […]

Cargoclix Enables Adaptation of the First Day of the Week

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No matter whether Sunday or Monday: From now on every Cargoclix user can define for himself which day of the week appears first in the calendars. The calendars are available for date selection in the Schedule, under the tab “Bookings” and in the limit settings. Until now the first day of the week was determined […]

Free Definition of Retention Period for Attachments of Time Slot Bookings Now Possible

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By default, the attachments of the timeslot bookings are stored for two years in the Cargoclix system. During this period, they can be retrieved or downloaded any time. From now on Cargoclix customers have the possibility to individually define the storage time of the attachments on each CargoMarket. To do this, the CargoMarket admin only […]

Cargoclix Optimizes User Administration through Mail Function

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From now on Cargoclix offers the possibility to inform the shippers by e-mail as soon as a new user is admitted to the CargoMarket or a user’s rights have been removed. Cargoclix maintains the necessary addresses of the recipients for each CargoMarket separately. Among other things, the mail informs about the role given to the […]

SLOT Now Available in Czech

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The user interface of the timeslot management system from Cargoclix is now available in Czech language. The Czech Republic is considered an important logistics location in Eastern Europe. In order to simplify everyday logistics for users of the cloud-based software from the country with more than ten million inhabitants, Cargoclix has translated the user interface […]

Customizable Subject Line for Order Mails

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For CargoMarkets which use an interface for “Orders” it is now possible to adjust the subject line of the order mail as desired. Similar to the ramp mails, a user-defined subject text can be formulated for each notification in addition to the standard subject. Certain values or information from the order fields can also be […]